If you’re lucky enough to have a vehicle with autostart, heated seats and/or a heated steering wheel, you’re probably giving those winter features a good workout as temperatures continue to plummet even further. 

It’s like we blinked and went straight from summer to winter and it’s ok to feel a certain type of way about it. For example, we love lighting the fireplace and cozying up with a cup of cocoa as the snow falls gently outside the toasty home where we’re watching Grey’s Anatomy. 

We DON’T love having to get up earlier than normal, going outside to scrape our windshields and braving the circus that I-84 becomes the minute it snows or rains. 

Photo by kim giseok on Unsplash
Photo by kim giseok on Unsplash

And you know what? It takes a little time to readjust to driving (and sometimes walking) in winter conditions. To make the transition of seasons easier for you, we put together this handy guide to things you may have forgotten about when it comes to your vehicle or sidewalks in winter weather.

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