Hold the phone, I don't mean people are smart to leave this cool state.

But there's new evidence that because of a tough job market and better opportunities in other states, well-educated people are moving away -- millennials especially.

Boise has been showered with honors in the past week or so, being named one of the Best Downtowns by Livability, and one of the Ten Best Places to Live by US News.  We're on to something in the Treasure Valley.  But maybe it's not enough?

The Idaho Statesman points out how competitive the job market is here, especially for millennials.  The article says there's not an abundance of higher level jobs in Boise that would keep people in one spot or with one company for years and years, looking for promotions and climbing the corporate ladder.  Instead, the best and brightest bail off in mid-climb, and take jobs in other states.  Do you think that's true?

There are still plenty of people moving here, and the steady stream will probably continue now that the Treasure Valley is making so many top ten lists of awesomeness.

And planners are watching, to make sure jobs and wages are increasing.  That could be a good thing for all of us.