It is a well known fact across the nation that Idaho is a "Red State" by a landslide. While in recent years, we have seen some "Red States" like Idaho elect Democrats-- think Alabama or Georgia for senate seats and Texas' close call in the Gubernatorial race.

Here in Idaho, however, there has been no such "flip".  As has been the case for years, Democrats really never show up as real contenders here in Idaho. Even in local Treasure Valley elections, Democrats have seen some lost ground in Ada County to Republicans who in years past have not won in the area.

There's a trend going on now, however, that was brought to our attention by former President of Boise State University Bob Kustra--and it involves Democrats turning to Republicans.

With the political arena as polarizing as it is these days, you may expect the idea of Democrats converting over to be completely crazy. Well--it's not because these folks have had a change in political worldview. It's actually because they're trying to have more of a say in Idaho politics.

Is it a complete surrender? Many say yes--but necessary.

While both sides of the isle continue to disagree, the Idaho GOP is seeing separation internally that many don't recall being this strong before. Many are dubbing this a battle between "traditional" Republicans and some "extreme" Republicans.

In a state like Idaho where it's a safe bet to assume a Republican will win the senate seats and the gubernatorial race--you hear more about the battle within the Republican party than anything else. Democrats and unaffiliated voters alike are beginning to fear some of the rhetoric that is a little more "extreme" than they may be used to in Idaho politics--this is where the party swap comes in.

Here in Idaho, in order to vote in the Republican primaries, you need to be a registered Republican. Are you outside of the party but want to have a say in who will be on the ballot? Registering as a Republican might be the thing to do to really have a say.

You might think that the party has it together, but with Idaho politics making national headlines as often as it is because the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor can't even get along--as they prepare to run against one another--it's safe to say that the Idaho GOP really doesn't "have it together".

It's also important to note that because of these closed primaries, that's really the only reason that party affiliation in Idaho "matters"-- when the general elections come around, anyone regardless of party can vote for any candidate.

To learn more, register to vote, or change your affiliation, click HERE.

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