Several articles have been written across the area and the country concerning a food shortage. We've decided to see whether we live in a natural food shortage in our unscientific way. We followed the example of a few extensive digital/print publications that used social media to determine what people were talking about at the supermarkets.

These 4 Items Are Being Rationed at Costco

You may remember that during the pandemic, certain items like rice and toilet paper were impossible to find at our local grocery stores. While we still aren't in the clear when it comes to COVID-19, we have come a long way with the development of a vaccine and more. For shoppers, however, there are some newly-announced limits to just how much of these items you are going to be allowed to buy.
Although we did get some reaction, which we'll share with you, we did not get a significant amount to warrant a call that we are in a crisis. The supply chain issue continues to make news nationally, but thankfully, we are blessed with enough food in the Treasure Valley. Now, are we at pre-supply chain issues? The answer is no, and yes, we are missing several items from our favorite grocery store shelf. However, other parts of the region have it much worse than Idaho.  

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utahans are facing shortages of cat litter, cough medicine, ramen noodles, and bagged salads. Idahoans who are looking for similar items may have to shop at a few different stores to find those items. It's alarming to see so many empty shelves in area supermarkets.  

Although, the current shortages are nothing compared to the run-on toilet paper and disinfectants that we saw at the beginning of Covid. Do you remember the lines of folks outside the stores every morning running to the back of the store to grab a few rolls of toilet paper?  

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