The only people who seem happy about vehicle collisions are the numerous body shops in the Treasure Valley. Traffic accidents are again on the rise due to the usual suspects: inattentive/aggressive driving, tailgating, excessive speeding, and the list continues to grow.

6 Red Light Crashes

A look at what happens when folks run red lights throughout the world.

We, unfortunately, see the most onerous offenses on our daily commute to and from work, the red light runner. As I disclosed earlier this month, a coworker came within inches of being t-boned. The driver saw the red light to our left and immediately accelerated without concern for fellow commuters. Fortunately, the person saw us and hit the breaks. A deadly crash and accompanying injuries were averted.

A young woman contacted us to share her frightful experience.
'I was so shaken up I was in tears,

"My brother-in-law has been hit twice last year by people running red lights. When I'm in traffic, I see drivers running red lights all the time. I'm feeling the need to do a little research on who is in charge of this sort of thing and what are they going to do about it. Also, I'm feeling the need to be protected and served!"

A Radical Red Light Camera Solution?

What is the solution to the continued running of red lights in our area?   The following suggestion is controversial and goes against every value that most Idahoans treasure.  There are two solutions to this problem, but really only one could cut the number of red-light runners significantly.  In some parts of the country, controversial red-light cameras have been installed.  If you run the red light, you get a ticket.  You get enough tickets, your insurance rates go up.

The other solution would be to have more police monitoring stoplights, but there aren't enough police officers to do that efficiently.  I doubt any politician would bring up the red light camera solution due to the feared reaction such a move would evoke.

These 13 Treasure Valley Roads Need a Speed Change

Spend any time driving around the Treasure Valley and odds are you will spot a little bit of road rage. While it's nothing wildly aggressive most times, it seems that with the growth of our city has come a lot of conflicting opinions on HOW to drive on our streets. Roads that were never meant to handle the volume of traffic that they now do have different speed limits-- some that are a little fast, some that are a little slow. We took to our means, Facebook, to ask YOU where the worst roads are at and which speed limits need adjusted. Here is what we found.

These Are the 10 Most Hated Roundabouts in the Boise Area


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