Still trying to track down Pikachu?  If you live in Caldwell, Pokemon Go is so yesterday! Now it's all about getting out with the fam to find rocks!

Yup, rocks. Also known as stones.  Also known as the things I trip over while running trails. But they're not just any rocks.  These ones are hand painted and scattered across Caldwell by the people who live there.

According to Channel 2, they're part of a game called "Caldwell ROCKS," created by a 17-year old Caldwell High student.  Those playing the came choose all kinds of designs for their works of art.  Some feature local landmarks, others feature positive affirmations or just get plain spooky for the upcoming Halloween season! Families and their friends have even gotten together to have rock painting parties to add new designs into the mix.

Some parents told Channel 2 that they stumbled across the game while their kids were hunting Pokemon and now have just as much fun trying to find the rocks.  We're sure those parents are probably pretty relieved to see a lighter data bill too.

Local parks, Indian Creek and the Idaho Veteran's Garden are hot spots for the brightly colored rocks.

Want to play along? Check out the Caldwell ROCKS Facebook page for the complete rules of the game!