People often joke about terrible drivers, but that's everywhere, right? Idaho, surprising for a state with minimal people, is in the top ten WORST drivers in the nation. But, why?

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Here are the top ten states in the nation who have the WORST drivers, according to quote wizard, based on accidents, speeding tickets, DUI's and other citations:

1. Iowa
2. North Dakota
3. Virginia
4. California
5. Alaska
6. Utah
7. Idaho
8. New Jersey
9. Tennessee
10. Wisconsin

Here's the good news; this data was based on four different categories and we're not number one in any of those, but clearly we're pretty high up. Interestingly, these things are about tickets, accidents, etc. This doesn't really take into account the things that people do on the road that simply annoy you. Someone camping in the left lane on the freeway doesn't contribute to making Idahoans worst drivers. Other slow-poke-esque things don't really do it either... However, speeding on the connector will help contribute to the problem, for sure.

When you get on the connector coming out of Downtown Boise, the initial speed is 45, and I believe the top speed is 60 once you get closer to I-84. This is an area patrolled pretty regularly and if you find yourself going 80 just because it feels like a freeway, just know that you're already 20 mph over the speed limit and those tickets can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. All that to say... Yes, we have the seventh worst drivers in the country, but at least we're not the worst. Iowa gets to enjoy that distinction! Drive carefully!

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