Idahoans are built for winter. If it’s not affecting our commute or causing us to find childcare at the last minute, we love the snow. Skiing. Snowboarding. Tubing. Winter Carnival. BRING IT ON! 

The single digit temperatures? Well, we love those a little bit less. You may stumble upon this article later in the season, but at the time that we’re writing it, it’s a balmy 2º in Boise. Factor in the wind chill? It feels like it’s -6º. Even with an auto start on your vehicle and heated seats inside, those sort of temperatures are downright miserable. 

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It’s understandable why you’d want to get out of your vehicle and get to your toasty warm home or office ASAP. However, it’s worth taking a few extra seconds to go over a mental checklist and make sure that you have everything that needs to go inside with you. Not only will that save you from having to venture back out in the cold AGAIN, it could prevent certain items inside your car from being damaged by extreme cold. 


Your snowbrush, scraper, yoga mat and empty Dutch Bros cups will be just fine but just like sweltering summer heat, there are other things that aren’t meant to be exposed to frigid temperatures. Doing so could result in reduced performance, a mess, unpleasant tummy issues or even death. 

Take the extra time and make the effort to remove these items from your car this winter! 

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