If you tried to check out Boise's popular Capital City Public Market on opening day, it may have taken you a minute to find it!

On Saturday, I put myself through a 26.2 mile sufferfest.  By that I mean that although I was trained and ready for the Lake Lowell Marathon, everything fell apart when I got sick at Mile 9 and was miserable for the next 17 miles. Rather than let me sit around and pout, my teammates insisted that I go celebrate that I am part of the 0.5% of Americans who've finished a marathon in their lifetime. To do that, they took me to my favorite place in Downtown Boise, Old Chicago.

As we approached Idaho Street, we couldn't figure out why traffic was so backed up trying to get to the restaurant.  Well, after a few minutes we realized it was because this past Saturday was the opening day of Boise's Capital City Public Market and this year the market's set up a little bit differently than it has been in years past. The market traditionally ran the length of 8th Street from Main to State Street, but the influx of construction and orange barrels in Downtown Boise has forced them to adjust their footprint a bit.

This year the more than 100 vendors will pop up shop on Idaho Street between 9th and Capitol as well as a shortened section of 8th from Main to Bannock.

If you missed opening day, the Market runs Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. through December 15.

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