Isn't it weird how your body goes back to your pre-weight loss dietary cravings SO easily?  You go on vacation for a few days, splurge on a few meals, and when you get back every craving you have is for the foods you've tried to ease out of your diet:  pizza, pasta, bread, cheese, not to mention desserts!  Why don't I crave the salads, fresh veggies, fruits I've been eating since the first of the year?  Why do I still crave cheese, bread and pasta, the things I ate while on vacation and am still somehow eating?  Oh -- let's not even bring up tracking my calories.

I've gotta tell you, getting back to my weight loss eating patterns has been a real struggle this week!  Part of my problem is that I am getting busier at work, so I'm not always taking the time to put my lunch together in the morning or do my meal planning for the evening. I have this delusion that I'll make good choices when I go through the drive through at lunch. Who am I kidding? I have the willpower of a two-year-old.  If I go through the drive through I'm ordering the cheeseburger AND fries.

Getting back on track is going to take a conscious effort of getting back to making healthy choices...counting my calories, eating more fruits and veggies, less take-out...sigh.  All of the things that I know are good for me and will help me reach my weight loss goals.  All of the things that separate me from my "two-year-old" level willpower.  Welcome to being an adult -- dang it.