Part of the St. Luke's Weight Loss Challenge is weighing in each month at one of their locations and submitting your weight.  This month, I waited until virtually the last...possible...moment because I didn't want to face the truth. The truth that I knew I would see on the scale. The truth that my eating habits haven't been anywhere CLOSE to my eating habits that helped me see my initial 7 lb weight loss.  And, yes, my assumptions were correct, I have gained 3 lbs from my last weigh-in.  Here's the thing, I'm still working out virtually every single day. It all boils down to my food choices.

Oh, and I know it's all completely within my control.  For some reason, I've been sliding back into a few old habits and I'm not sure if it's been due to stress from a very busy Spring at work, a diminished enthusiasm for sticking with good habits or not planning ahead. Whatever it is, it's something that I need to correct right now.

Earlier this year, I was eating "with purpose" and choosing foods that really nourished my body.  Right now, I seem to be eating more to relieve my stress than fuel my body.  Earlier this year, I said "no" to seconds at dinner...and now I'm re-filling my plate almost every night. Earlier this year, I was planning meals filled with healthy choices.  Right now, I'm just planning meals and not looking at the caloric consequences.  And let's not even START talking about that nightly glass of wine.

It's frustrating, but it's also a fact of my order for me to get to a healthy weight, I have to be conscious of every single piece of food that goes into my mouth.