I had some left-over candy sitting in my desk today.  It's left-over from a PMS-filled day last week -- I'm sure you can relate.  This left-over candy has me in a quandary...caught between the "don't waste food" lectures I was given by my mom and the "get unhealthy choices out of your cabinets and cupboards."  So my solution?  I decided to eat it as quickly as I could hoping that by chewing really quickly, it would qualify as a cardio-type workout.

I can rationalize just about anything -- except throwing out perfectly good food -- even if it's not "perfectly good" for me.  I'm sure you all experienced the same thing as me, parents who guilted you into eating everything on your plate, even if you couldn't possibly eat another bite, because wasting it was, basically, sinful.

Getting back to my issue today -- the real problem goes back to why did I even have it in my office in the first place?  Why did I give in to my hormonal cravings and buy the candy, let alone eat it?  I'm sure there are thousands of dollars in therapy wrapped up in this question, but probably the answer is,"it was an easy choice at the time."  I was in a place where I was hungry, tired and probably more than a little "put out."  So, instead of taking the road less traveled which is filled with healthy options and requires a little more time and willpower, I went down my normal road and calmed my hormonal self with food / sugar / carbohydrates.

The real question is how do I handle it the next time?  I'm hoping that the fact that I feel tired, sluggish and not at all well stays with me so that I don't make those choices again.

Keep taking the road less traveled with its healthier options -- hopefully it will make a difference for us both!