It seems like in so many ways we are evolving as a society. If we can understand that all people should be treated with respect. When will we understand dogs deserve the same respect?

The reason this really resonates with me is because I have two dogs Koda and Gypsy. Koda is a flat-coat retriever that looks similar to a black lab, Gypsy is a boxer mix that often gets called a pit bull by people who aren't sure exactly what she it. I have no problem with people guessing the wrong breed but it is astonishing the types of stereotypes that come with a pit bull.

We have been told by dog boarding facilities before that Gypsy wouldn't be allowed to stay at their facility because she could be a liability toward other dogs staying at the facility. Anyone who knows Gypsy knows that she is a lover not a fighter. She is more scared of you that you are of her, and not once since we got her have we had any problem with her aggression.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Dog Park
Photo courtesy of Idaho Dog Park

As I was writing this I decided to google what dogs are most dangerous and found this article that is just stupid. Saying that American Pitbull Terriers are "capable to kill almost any enemy. Be careful." With Rottweiler dogs being the second most dangerous. Dogs like people are a product of their environment, meaning if they are growing up in a home where they need to be aggressive of course that is how they are going to act. But to just label certain dog breeds makes me wonder when people will start to understand that all dogs can be great if they have a loving home.

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