Just a few months ago, our listeners voted Beef 'O' Brady's one of the best places to watch football in the Treasure Valley. Football fans who tried to visit the sports bar recently have been really, really confused. 

Beef 'O' Brady's has long been the game-day hub for several fandoms. You could count on seeing the Boise (Cleveland) Browns Backers there on Sundays. On Saturdays, one half of the restaurant was filled with Scarlet and Grey and the other half was filled with Scarlet and Cream. The Boise Buckeyes (an Ohio State alum and fan group) and a group of Nebraska fans made Beef's their spot.

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Naturally, it's where we wanted to watch Ohio State and Utah face off in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. You know, if they were open on New Year's Day. That's when we realized something was up. The Meridian location was no longer listed as a location Beef 'O' Brady's website.

So we went to Facebook to try to find their holiday hours. Facebook told us "Page Not Found." We didn't want to miss the beginning of the game if they were closed, so we ended up going to Old Chicago instead.

A few days later, we realized they weren't just closed on New Year's Day. They were Closed-Closed. The president of the Boise Browns Backers works at our station and showed me the Facebook page for the restaurant that replaced it. Beef 'O' Brady's is now Giggy D's.

Unlike, Beef 'O' Brady's Giggy D's isn't a chain restaurant. It's owned locally by Manzo Hodge. In a post about his new venture, Hodge explained that his parents owned a small catering service in the '90s and this was his way of honoring them. Giggy D's is still very much a family-friendly sports grill with 25 TVs mounted throughout the restaurant. They've also got 25 beers on tap for those who like to enjoy a cold one during the game.

Their menu isn't quite as large as Beef 'O' Brady's (which to be honest, was a bit overwhelming at times) but offers something for everyone. They offer wings, burgers, flatbreads, wraps, tacos and family favorites like finger steaks and chicken tenders.

So that's what happened to Beef 'O' Brady's. The national franchise is gone and the Treasure Valley gets to welcome a brand new local business to town.

Beef 'O' Brady's certainly wasn't the only restaurant to call it quits. Restaurants make up a significant amount of businesses Boise's lost over the past two years.

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