By now maybe you're seen all the crazy things going into this year's Oscar goodie bags.   Those swag bags are valued at $232,000! Because the stars need more spoils.

But it got me thinking, if you created an Idaho goodie bag, what would go in there?

The value of this year's Oscar goodie bag is up 40 percent from last year.  Here are  just a few of the things inside the swag bag, along with the value:

- Personalized M&Ms ($300)
- A year's worth of Audi car rentals from Silvercar ($45,000)
- 10-day all-expenses-paid trip to Israel ($55,000)
- Private 15-day walking tour of Japan ($54,000)
- Chapstick ($6)
- Gleener on the Go ($12)
- 3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como, Italy ($5,000)
- Hydroxycut Gummies ($20)
- 740 Park plastic surgery ($5,530)

Chapstick, M&Ms, and Gleener on the Go... Cool!  So it's not all fancy schmancy after all.

Do you think the stars will really go on that walking tour of Japan?  They'd have to part with their limos and hoof it over there.

These are promotional things, that these companies really want the stars to use, love, and tell their Twitter followers about.  So what would you put into an Idaho goodie bag?  What should the outsiders know and love about the Treasure Valley?


A 6-pack of the new organic, cold-pressed Boise Juice

Some salted caramel Guru Donuts

A therapy session with Minerva Jayne

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