There's a frightening trend happening across the State of Idaho, and is especially profound in the Boise area.  Auto theft is up in a big way across the entire Gem State. 

Last year, the FBI Uniform Crimes Report said that 1629 vehicles were stolen in Idaho (which breaks down to four per day).  Boise's portion of that number was 357 according to Boise Police, which was an increase of around 25% from the prior year.

Common mistakes that lead to cars being stolen include leaving keys in the car, leaving cars unlocked, and even loaning cars to people we don't know well.  Another risk, tempting as it can be with warmer weather, is leaving windows down (even just enough to assist a thief in getting into the car).

Police recommend against all of those practices to help keep our vehicles safe.

You can see more from KIVI TV 6, HERE.

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