I don't get a flu shot for two reasons.  One, it can compromise my cancer and the second is, I found something that will knock it out of my system within a few days.  OK, there are three reasons, the third one being, because the CDC wants me to get a flu shot.

Hey, I have a healthy relationship with our government....I don't trust them and they don't trust me, simple enough.

Get the combination of Zinc, Echinacea and Vitamin C.  Most cold products have just zinc and vitamin C.  It's the combination of the three that are the most effective cold/flu/infection/cold/canker sore fighter there is.

You can get them each as a supplement or just get Halls Defense with the three.  It comes in a cherry flavor and doesn't have any menthol (I hate menthol). I found them at Fred Meyer and Rite Aid.  Aside from those places, they are harder to come across than a teenager who does chores without being nagged.  They're also fairly cheap.  I got them for a buck a bag after coupon this last weekend.

That's the bag right there!

You just suck on them, yes I told you to suck it, don't bit or chew...no teeth, got it.  Suck on as many as you want or can.  What you will find is your cold/flu will go away faster than your bank account balance after Jan.1st.  I was thinking of using a sister in law metaphor, but they tend to take those too personal.

Remember it's Halls Defense.  It comes in a Green bag with cherries on the front and has Zinc, Echinacea and Vitamin C on the front, like you will remember that.  Just look for the Halls with the Cherries on the bag and you're set.  Now go and get better.

Kevin Mee