Last week, thousands of Idahoans has their eyes glued to news broadcasts on both a national and local level. Beside the headlines, what's changed on local news broadcasts over the years? We dug up some clips from when watching KTVB felt like watching Anchorman. 

While some of these videos are over 35 years old, there are plenty of faces you'll recognize in these vintage news opens from the Treasure Valley's three major news outlets. That includes Dee Sarton who spent over 40 years with KTVB, Mark Johnson when he was KTVB's sports anchor, a young Larry Gebert (skip to 1:17 of the KTVB clip to see that) and Don Nelson, who's still with KIVI.

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What were some of the headlines the evening these clips were captured? There was a major housing authority scandal in the Treasure Valley, four blocks of Meridian were shut down after a major bank robbery and police were still looking for Lynn Henneman, a flight attendant who's body was laster found in the Boise River after she'd been kidnapped, raped and murdered on the Boise Greenbelt.


What is now modern day KTVB originally signed on in the Treasure Valley in July 1953. At the time, it actually shared call letters with our sister station, KIDO. It officially became KTVB in 1959.


Channel 2 was the second local television station, signing on a few months after Channel 7. Due to some rules with the FCC, they had to change their call letters to KBCI in 1975, but returned to the KBOI-TV call letters in 2010.


Originally going by the call sign KITC, Boise's ABC affiliate didn't sign on until 1974.


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