A shocking video has found its way online capturing a frightening incident that occurred during a traffic stop in Caldwell. According to the social media group “Treasure Valley Crime & Community”, the incident took place at Faith Landing apartments and it could’ve gone really horrible for several people involved.

Video Catches Suspect Fleeing Police, Is He Still in Idaho?

Here's what a Caldwell resident caught on camera before a wanted suspect flees police.

This was a crazy scene and it wasn’t necessary. The passenger and the officers were very fortunate to not get injured by this driver’s antics. The suspect could’ve seriously hurt someone or even dragged the passenger as she was exiting the vehicle. It’s our hope that the officers track this suspect down and bring him into custody sooner than later. If you have any information on the suspect, contact Caldwell police.

Boise High Speed Chase Caught on Camera

On Sunday, April 10th, a high speed chase took place in the streets of Boise. The pursuit by Boise Police eventually ended near Bishop Kelly High School where more drama played out. Fantastic footage was captured by Vin Crosby, a well-known Boise meteorologist who said that during the chase, the suspect came within just feet of hitting him.

Check out the play-by-play and the action-packed video, below!

Boise Police Arrest 11 in Secret Operation

Here in the Treasure Valley, we aren't used to seeing large groups of arrests or frankly, any serious crimes. On Tuesday, September 21st, however, the Boise Police Department hauled in 11 arrests in one successful "sting" operation.

25 Times the Google Street View Camera Captured People in Boise

The Google Street View Car rolled through Boise to capture to updated photos in June, August and September 2021! Were you one of the folks they caught on camera?

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