Business Insider is putting UGLY buildings across America on blast.  The criteria they use to crunch all the data and spit out that one hideous, appalling, disgusting building in each state is simply this.... 'They asked the people who live there'.  With that said, you may be surprised as to what Idahoans think is the biggest 'Eye Sore' here in our beautiful Gem State.

It's not some broken down deserted structure that looks more like a pile of garbage than a building.  It's not the oldest building in Idaho.  It's not dirty, stinky, or UGLY in any sense of what you would think of that word.  It's a building right here in Boise, Idaho and a building that a lot of us see or pass by on a daily basis.

The 'Ugliest Building In Idaho' according to the people of Idaho... that's what Business Insider's saying anyways... IS... THE ZIONS BANK BUILDING.  Huh.  Interesting.  Before the Zions Bank sprung up in 2014 it was a HUGE hole that just sat there, year after year and talk about an 'Eyesore'.  That hole definitely was that.

The Zion Building is located at 8th and Main Street in downtown Boise and has officially become a backdrop for what Boise is and represents along with other buildings like  'The Grove' and the 'Idaho State Capitol Building'.

Business Insider doesn't dive into any details of their research on finding the Ugliest Buildings in each state.  I guess it was simply asking a lot of people for a quick answer.  No why or what or anything else and the people of Idaho say, for whatever reason, The Zion Building in downtown Boise is the Ugliest Building In Idaho.

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