Hopefully you've experienced one of those cool moments on your way into the office before.  You pull up to the window at your favorite coffee place and the barista tells you to put your debit card away because the person in the car ahead of you paid for you the drink.

Those moments are warm and fuzzy, aren't they?  If you haven't experienced one of those before, I can guarantee you will this Friday! How can I be so sure? Because the Treasure Valley's newest Black Rock Coffee Bar is opening on Fairview between Cole and Milwaukee.  To celebrate their grand opening ALL drinks will be free on Friday, September 29th!

Not sure what to order? If you're the type of person that digs out their boots, scarves and Halloween decorations as soon as the first leaf changes colors, you'll want to try one of their fancy fall flavors: Pumpkin Spice White Mocha, Bourbon Caramel Pie Latte or Peach Cobbler Organic Rockstar Energy Drink.  Not into the fall flavors? My absolute favorite drink at Black Rock is their Caramel Blondie! An iced chai with coconut flavoring is amazing there too!

This is the fourth Black Rock location to open in the Treasure Valley over the past year.  If those creative fall flavors sound so good to you that you can't wait until Friday here's where you can find the other three locations.


Broadway & Howe Street: 1604 S Broadway Ave


Chinden & Linder: 1757 W Chinden Boulevard

Fairview & Eagle: 2499 E Fairview Ave

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