Rather than go to the trouble of roasting marshmallows and melting them on chocolate with graham crackers this summer, Starbucks will let us drink our S'mores. The summer menu looks rich, and fruity too.  

When the kids and I go to Starbucks, they usually go for the pink, fruity drinks while I go for the skinny vanilla latte.  And if one of them craves something different and orders a decaf frappuccino piled high with whipped cream drizzled with caramel, I always ask for a sip to taste it and then secretly hope they don't finish the whole thing so I can have the rest.  And that's what usually ends up happening.  So much for skinny.

Starbucks is introducing several new drinks for the summer, and one of those is the S' mores Frappuccino.  That's got layers of marshmallow-infused whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a blend of coffee, milk, and ice, and then it's got more marshmallow whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble top.  I'm ordering the kids a decaf and making it a Venti so there will be leftovers.

The Guava Passionfruit drink is new too, and it combines guava, passionfruit, pineapple, and ginger flavors, and it's hand-shaken with coconut milk and ice.  Ask the kids if they like most of those flavors solo and they'll probably say no, but if they're all mixed up together they'll think it's the best thing ever.

I have such admiration for people who can make a drink last for thirty minutes or an hour.  You're so good at savoring!  I always suck mine down in ten minutes and then wait on the kids to get full and hand theirs over.  It's a parental right-slash-duty I guess.

This will be a great summer for rich drinks, ice cream deals, and lots, and lots of slushies.  We'll keep the ideas coming.

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