With thousands of people and families moving to Idaho these days, it's easy to say that the secret is not only "out", but it has been out.  The "common folk" if you will, has discovered Idaho but locals will know that our state has served as a sort of refuge for celebrities for a very long time--a quest place for them to vacation and recreate without being blitzed by photographers and fans.

Kylie Jenner & company is just one of the many names you might recognize for having taken a break in Idaho before.

The Jenners aren't the only celebrities you might see wandering around in Idaho...

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

While it's safe to assume Travis Scott knows all about Idaho because of the Jenner / Kardashian family--just this week, he was only hours away from Boise.

It's clear that Travis is up to something-- what kind of a major hip-hop artist flies into a city and POSTS from a venue?

Less than five hours from Boise, we learned that Travis Scott's jet had touched down in Salt Lake City-- where Post Malone lives!  Could a collaboration be in the works? It didn't take long for Travis to post from the town just hours south of us in Boise...

Below you can see a tweet that includes a screenshot of Travis' Instagram story-- from Vivant Arena in downtown Salt Lake City


No, he was't kicking it with Post Malone but it does appear he's checking out a venue that just nights ago, Kendrick Lamar played at.

Seems a little suspicious.

The rumor mill is churning but all signs seem to point to ONE answer: NBA All-Star Weekend in February of 2023.  Fans of sports AND music seem to agree--Travis has GOT to be preparing for a major performance during that weekend.

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