Holiday potlucks. Office Christmas parties. Dinner with extended family.  Chances are you'll be attending one of these during the holiday season and will probably be asked to bring a dish to one of them.

It shouldn't shock you that I love a good holiday gathering! In fact, I hosted our annual Christmas party for our running club at our clubhouse last Saturday.  When we were brainstorming ways to save a little bit on the catering, I volunteered to make some shredded buffalo chicken for everyone. I mean, my husband has an obnoxious amount of catering chafer sets at our apartment for some reason...I might as well put them to good use?

Little did I know, we'd have an extremely cool moment happen at our #7Cares location that kept me out in Eagle a little longer than I planned the day of the party. After I eventually thawed out, I got to cooking and severely underestimated how long it takes to shred four pounds of chicken breast by hand. I felt so bad that my guests were arriving at the clubhouse while I was still in my kitchen attacking the chicken with forks.

When we sat down to eat, I apologized for being rude and still cooking.  One of the gals looked at me and asked "Why are you still shredding chicken with forks? Use an electric mixer instead." The other women at the table looked at each other with an expression that clearly read "wait, that's a thing?!"

Today's our company potluck and I decided to make the chicken again.  I only had 50 minutes to go to the grocery store, get the chicken, cook it, shred it and get back to the station before what better time than the present to give this kitchen hack a try?

To my surprise, it worked like a charm! I've been shredding chicken the hard way my entire life.  From this day forward, I do solemnly swear to never shred chicken with a fork ever again!

Want to push the "easy button" on preparing a dish for your holiday potluck? Give my chicken recipe and this new kitchen hack a try by clicking HERE.

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