Just when we thought that some of our favorite things would be back this year, it's looking like we may have to wait even longer to have them again. Yes, we're a little salty about it but we totally understand. Could one cancelation lead to others? Only time will tell.

Just yesterday, we shared with you that an email which has been cause for alarm at the campus of Boise State University has everyone wondering what football season will look like. Sure, the football program is hoping for a total of SIX sellouts and while that sounds great, many are wondering how the program can ethically encourage that many people to gather in one place for a football game-after seeing how quickly COVID cases in our area are on the rise.

Now, across town, another major event is being shut down because of the uptick in cases--and this one is a Boise favorite!

Just announced this afternoon, the Hyde Park Street Fair has been canceled "due to COVID", wrote the North End Neighborhood Association. The event, which has been around for 40 years, was canceled last year as well. According to the North End Neighborhood Association:

We do not feel it is within the values of the NENA organization to proceed with an event that could jeopardize the safety of the vendors, attendees, performers, or volunteers. As a community, we value our healthcare workers and we want to respect them by not contributing to the burdens they currently labor under while they care for Boiseans during this difficult time. As neighbors, we want to ensure that our event does not contribute to the reduction in hospital beds.

The popular street fair that floods the North End annually, was set to take place on September 17th - 19th.

Read their entire statement, below:

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