The word "interesting" would be one descriptor for the times we're currently living in and some of the "realities", although they are new, are very much here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Yes, we're talking about COVID.

After everything imaginable--worldwide, really--was shot down for an entire year, we're now seeing a "shot" be what divides us. Yes, the controversial COVID-19 vaccine has been polarizing and the conversation--or lack thereof--has for some people been extremely divisive. One thing is certain, though: COVID isn't going anywhere and we're going to have to learn to deal with it.

More and more events are looking to vaccination proof to be the deciding factor on admission. Here in the Treasure Valley, we first saw this with Treefort Music Festival who announced vaccination would be required for admission to the popular multi-day festival. Then, Boise Pride Festival followed suit. Now, the Jonas Brothers have made the same announcement.

Of course, there's an alternative to getting the vaccine: providing a negative COVID test. Whether someone is medically exempt due to health or religious reasons--perhaps they just don't want the vaccine--an alternative needs to be presented and while a COVID test is an option, it's proving to be an inconvenient one.

So, where do you get tested for COVID? We're learning today, that many are out of luck when it comes to being vaccinated before the Jonas Brothers concert because tests are just so popular right now. It's reminiscent of the beginning of COVID when there simply weren't enough tests.

What could be the cause for the lack of rapid COVID tests? We're seeing an uptick in positive cases. We're also seeing an uptick in the need for tests because of events.

While we aren't sure "what gives"--we're looking for the tests!


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