We recently overheard a discussion that sparked our interest.

A local and an alien Idahoan were discussing common misnomers and incorrect assumptions about our beloved Gem State.

We put out a survey and asked the Treasure Valley for the top-5 things that NO Idahoan ever needs to be asked again.

Sorry mom.

Photo by: Kekeluv

1. "So do you like, LOVE potatoes?" 

I mean, we do. We all do. We have the most, and the best. Just....don't ask us about them.

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2. a. "Is Idaho considered the Mid-West?" b. "Where's Iowa?"

Many people confuse the two states, to the consternation of residents of both the Gem State and the Hawkeye State. (After all, do minerals and birds look alike?)

Idahoans and Iowans are friendly and kind, and that might be about it. They are states that take great pride in their achievements. The Gem State and the Hawkeye State deserve the respect of others to not confuse one for the other, because they really are rather different.

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3. "So, where in California did you move from?" 

The resentment isn’t unique. Similar sentiments bubble up almost anywhere outsiders flow into a settled area.

In fact, dislike for Californians has been around longer than some might think. In 1979, The Washington Post took a look at Idaho’s anti-California sentiment in a story, “To Most Idahoans, A Plague of Locusts is Californians.”

“Old-timers call them goats,” the story said. “The new generation calls them C.B.s (literal translation, ‘California Bastards’).”

Yet Californians keep coming. A 2015 U.S. Census report on state-to-state migration found that one in four people who moved to Idaho came from California.

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4. "Boy-Zee" 

From a linguistics standpoint, it's kind of relative. There's no way to judge whether one is more correct or not - other than it's more correct if you're in Boise to say boy-see.

And that's JUST the way it is.

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5. "Oh, is your couch camouflage too?" 

Hunting, and fishing are storied past-times and beloved passion of Idahoans, but that does NOT mean we exclusively wear camouflage. A little but of camo might mean we like blending into our environment, because Idaho is wild and beautiful just as it is.

We also wear overalls.