One person in every five on the planet is convinced aliens disguised as humans live among us and in the United States, 25% are true believers.

Getty Images: Ethan Miller

But in India there are more believers than any other country. Nearly half the population, 45%, think visitors from outer space are living on Earth.

The most skeptics live in Canada, where only 16% accept the idea that spacemen reside here, and ThereNetherlands, where only 8% do.

·        Comparing sexes, 22% of male earthlings accept the idea of aliens to 17% of the females.

·        The number of those under age 35 is 25%, people ages 35 to 54 is 16% and those 55 and over is 11%.

·        And 22% of highly educated humans feel aliens live among us, while only 19% of lower to middle educated folks do.

·        Finally, 21% of single folks figure we are not alone, compared to 19% of those hitched but there is no data on how many people think they might be married to an alien.