Ok, I have enough to worry about in the world but evidently I have to worry about my toothbrush now...are you kidding me!  Nope...it's backed by a study.  Share with your friends and together we all can have cleaner toothbrushes!

Getty Images: Christof Koepsel

If this doesn't make you buy a new toothbrush, nothing will. When you flush the toilet without first closing the lid, germy droplets of bacteria from the toilet are released into the air and will likely land on your toothbrush--and just about everything else in the bathroom, warns Donna Duberg, an assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University in Missouri. We're talking about a lot of bacteria. There are approximately 3 million bacteria per square inch in most toilet bowls. The toilet water aerosolizes with all that bacteria, spewing it 20 feet from the center of the flush. Translation: You're brushing your teeth with toilet germs. What can you do? It's simple: Close the toilet lid before flushing. if you leave your toothbrush out, rinse it in mouthwash or peroxide every day. Or, instead of leaving your toothbrush on the sink, store it in the medicine cabinet.