Would you do it all over again?  That's a loaded question for me.  I loved my high school years.  The only thing I would have done different is prepare for college a bit more.  What about you?  In a survey Classmates.com, 63% of U.S. adults said if they could do over their high school years, they would think ahead about the future and college, while 61% said they would study harder and get better grades. 

Getty Images: David Cannon

When adults look back on their high school years, the majority said they had one of two priorities: socializing or studying. 31% admitted their top priority in high school was their social life and spending time with friends, although studying to get good grades was a close second with 28%. Looking back, many think their studies would have improved under the guidance of an inspiring teacher or mentor. According to the survey, 53% of adults say they wish they had found a teacher or mentor who believed in them and inspired them.