Have you ever added up how much time you spend behind the wheel? The commute to and from work takes time away from the things you really enjoy like hobbies and time with your family. 

You may or may not admit it out loud, but getting some of that time back when the pandemic forced you to work from home was actually kind of nice. Now, you're probably sacrificing that time again and your commute is more expensive than ever thanks to record high gas prices. It's another reason to be frustrated when you do the math and figure out how many days a year you're simply spending behind the wheel getting to and from work.

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But how bad do we REALLY have it in Idaho when it comes to our commute times? The national average for a one-way commute to or from work is 26.9 minutes and 9.3% of workers nationwide have a one-way commute of 60 minutes or more.

By living in Idaho, you're saving almost five minutes each way. Our average one-way commute is 21.2 minutes and only 4.8% of us have a one-way commute of 60 minutes or more. Our commute times are better than most of our neighboring states (with the exception of Wyoming and Montana where they have more moose and bison than people.) They're far better than California (where you may have moved from.)

But...if you work a 50-week, 5-days a week schedule and make that commute twice a day, you're still spending more than 7 days a year just driving to and from work!

The average commute time is a little better or a little worse depending on which part of Idaho you live in. Which cities have it the worst? We dug through the data to find out and let's just say, if you live in the Treasure Valley you have every reason to want to be annoyed during your drive.

Cities With the Worst Commutes in Idaho

We jumped into the US Census's American Community Survey Data for 2016-2020 to determine which cities had the longest commutes and in which cities you're most likely to be behind the wheel for more than an hour.

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