Stores that offer healthy foods are doing really well in the Treasure Valley, and that's a sign that more of them may be in the works.

Organic, and responsibly grown foods are increasing in popularity all over the country, and it seems like Idaho is out in front of the pack this time.

Have you checked out the newest stores?

So, confession.  I used to cram myself full of fat, sodium, sugar, gluten, and carbs, and although I loved the taste of it all I don't think it agreed with me.  Since I've cut out as much of that as I can, I feel like a million bucks most days, I've lost weight, and I don't get headaches.  Eating clean is amazing!  The best commitment I've ever made to myself.

All of you who had this figured out already...thank you for the inspiration.  There is a huge market for healthy foods in the Treasure Valley, and we're getting really good at supporting the stores that offer them.

The Idaho Statesman says Boise Co-op’s new store in Meridian and the new Canyon County Co-op are part of a larger trend of natural food stores that’s sweeping the nation.  The produce is local and regional, and lots of the other products on the shelves are organic, gluten free, and full of the good seeds like pumpkin, flax, and chia.  And customers support it.

Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are doing well in Boise too with the healthy offerings, and stores like Albertsons and Fred Meyer are expanding the organic and Natural Foods sections.

The healthy options taste great, don't they?  There are some gluten-free granolas and crackers in my pantry now that I am a hundred percent addicted to, and they're some of the best things I've ever put in my mouth.  Healthy used to taste icky, but not anymore.

It's yummy, it feels good, and it's a boost for the Treasure Valley.  These stores are win-win.