It's all fun and games until you break a vase, and some TikTok dances are causing more damage than others.

TikTok can help pass the time during the lockdown, but that doesn't mean the dances always go well.

The insurance site looked into it and found the routines that are most likely to lead to broken vases, holes in walls, and damaged furniture are:

Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage

Wiz Khalifa’s Something New

Nahzzy and Legend’s Lean With It (Rock With It)

Almost a fifth of adults (18%) admitted to damaging household items while trying to recreate a famed TikTok routine. Yup. TikTok is a blast until you face plant into the fridge.

The most common types of damage caused during TikTok dances are usually repairable, but the fixes may not be cheap.

1.  Made a dent/hole in the wall - 29%
2.  Spilled something on the floor/carpet - 21%
3.  Smashed a window - 21%
4.  Broke an electrical item like an iPad/TV - 14%
5.  Damaged/torn soft furnishings e.g. the sofa - 8%

Repairs for people who crashed while they were dancing ranged from a few hundred dollars to $2400 or more.  And that doesn't count the trip to the ER if stitches and splints are in order.

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