Normally I can handle scary movies or TV shows with no problem, but for some reason this Netflix movies is ruining my sleep cycle.

WARNING: There are Bird Box spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the movie and are still interested in doing so, turn back now.

I've seen 6 of the 8 seasons of American Horror Story. No nightmares. The new version of IT that came out in 2017? I slept like a baby that night.  Bird Box? For some reason, this movie is haunting my dreams.  I burned my last vacation day watching it while my husband was at work and wasn't particularly scared. Six days later, I had a nightmare about the movie that was so scary that I've been staying up late the last few evenings to prevent it from happening again.

But tonight? Tonight will be different. In the movie you never saw the "creature" driving people mad.  Instead, you were lead to believe to that whatever people were seeing was some manifestation of their own worst fears.  That leaves the door open for your mind to wander all over the place, which in the end is much more terrifying.  It was a brilliant move on the filmmaker's part...or was it?

Turns out the creature as actually supposed to revealed in a scene that was later deleted from the movie because test audiences reacted comically to what it was supposed to look like. According to Collider, even the film's star, Sandra Bullock couldn't help but laugh at what it was supposed to look like. Special effects company SFX Atlas released some photos of the creature on Instagram and later deleted them but because the Internet is a wonderful place, several YouTubers worked the screen captures in their review videos. Now that I've seen what it looks like, I think I'll sleep pretty easy tonight. Scroll to 1:25 of the video to see what it would've looked like and subside your nightmares!

The movie has been giving people across the Treasure Valley night terrors since it came out in late December.  Our operations manager, Jeff Connell, just got contacts for the first time and he's experienced some red eye navigating how to properly put them in.  I truly think seeing him walking around with red eyes and tears like the people who've seen the creature in the movie is what triggered my nightmare.

Amy called the show this morning to tell me that I'm not alone.  She's not having nightmares about the creatures, but the people who've seen the creatures and seemingly become their minions, trying to get others to look and them before marching to their deaths. In her mid 30s, she's repeatedly checked under her bed at night to make sure the possessed man from the river isn't waiting for her.

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