Gas prices in Boise are still under $4 per gallon, but $4.19 is just a 5-hour drive away.  Is this a sign of things to come?

I sure did my part to boost the post-pandemic economy last week in Jackson, Wyoming.  Oops, holy smokes, and wow did we have fun.

Jackson is so expensive and so worth it at the same time.  I could not keep myself out of the Lee's Tees souvenir store and probably dropped a third of a paycheck on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and teeny tiny jars of huckleberry jam.  And then there was Pinky G's pizza, the Roadhouse Brewery, and that delicious huckleberry ice cream where the line is always out the door.  Vacations are a great opportunity to pass out money like you're dealing cards, and Jackson is a good place to do it.  The town square is mesmerizing and some sort of Old West-meets-new-everything coma takes over and extra becomes necessary.  I'm not sorry about it, at least right now, before the credit card bill rolls in.  

Jackson was a road trip destination and we had to fill up when we arrived, plus we went to Yellowstone one day and that's a gas-guzzling trip in itself.  I knew gas would be expensive, but I wasn't thinking it would be $4.19.  Eek.  To fill up my SUV, it took 75 of my dollars that could not go toward huckleberries. says there are stations around Jackson selling a gallon of unleaded for between $3.71 and $3.91, so this station downtown near the square is more likely the exception than the rule.  $4.19 is the peak and not the average.  But no wonder there are so many horses around Jackson.

Do you feel like the higher gas prices are closing in on Boise?  Could be.  Gasbuddy says Boise is not that far behind Jackson with averages of around $3.72 per gallon this week.

At last check, these were some of the prices around Boise, according to Gasbuddy.

Walmart - 8256 W Overland Road - $3.69

Costco - 2051 S Cole Road - $3.69

Shell - 201 W Boise Ave - $3.69

Maverik - 10577 W Fairview Ave - $3.77

Chevron - 741 N Milwaukee Street - $3.75

Sinclair - 10699 W Ustick Road - $3.79

Gas prices are up around 94 cents to $1 from last year, and they're showing no signs of dropping anytime soon.

But OH, well.  Road trips are therapeutic, especially after being cooped up for a year, and higher gas prices aren't going to stop anyone from hitting the road this summer.  But if you go to Jackson for huckleberries, bison sightings, and pizza that has been on Diners-Drive Ins-and Dives, expect to pay more when you top off the tank to come back to Boise.

And hopefully, those sky-high prices stay five and a half hours away from the Treasure Valley.

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