The 2018 Canyon County Kids Expo was our biggest year yet.  With so much going on, you may have missed this incredibly heart warming moment in the LITE-FM area.

Over 600 kiddos came by to see their favorite princesses and superheroes from Capes & Crowns, but there was one special little girl that caught my attention.  While she was waiting in line for her turn for a picture, I could see her speaking sign language to the adult who brought her to the Ford Idaho Center that day.  When she made it up to Wonder Hero, Tinker Fairy, Beauty Princess, Villain's Daughter, Troll Princess and Island Princess, it became very obvious that I wasn't the only one to see what happened in line.

The little girl sat down on Island Princess's lap and Tinker Fairy started having a conversation with the little girl in sign language. In that moment anyone who was frustrated by long lines or their kiddos having a meltdown, forgot their problems.  The excitement in this little girl's eyes was enough to put a smile on anyone's face.  It made the entire day worth it!

Capes & Crowns caught a video of the very end of the conversation. How cute is this?

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