Idaho is the only state in the nation that has not legalized marijuana for consumption. Despite the attempts by the pro-pot industry to infest Idaho with the dreaded weed, their efforts have failed to move the needle. The efforts to legalize marijuana in Idaho have lost their momentum.  

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Will Never Be Legal in Idaho

The five factors that are unique to Idaho that will prevent our state from legalizing marijuana.

Oregon continues to profit from Idaho's just saying no to weed. The local media does their very best to give us the pro legalized efforts in other states. The Beaver state would lose millions of dollars if Idaho decided to legalize marijuana. Malheur County leads the state in dispensary sales. If Idahoans didn't travel across the state, Ontario and the entire county would lose millions of dollars.  

The Idaho Statesman reports that several local businesses are using the 4/20 day as a way of promoting their businesses. It's ironic that businesses continue to promote liberal policies but stay away from traditional and conservative values. I guess it's not fun being pro-law and order in our state?  

The problem with businesses having fun with the debate over legalizing marijuana is that it erodes public trust in our institutions. Would you want your doctor, an airline pilot, or a military member under the influence while performing their duties?  

Idahoans do not want to end up like California, Oregon, and Washington, who've embraced breaking federal law. The promised revenue from legalizing marijuana has not appeared. Published reports from those states say that illegal weed is cheaper than state-sanctioned weed sales. Those states have taxed the product so much that consumers prefer cheap weed.  

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