If it's real, it could prove that human civilization existed in Idaho more than two million years ago.  But some say the so-called Nampa Figurine is nothing but a hoax.

The archaeological discovery that was made in 1889 in Nampa could be an incredibly rare and important find that supports the idea that humans inhabited the western U.S. during a time when scientists think they did not.  Or, it could be something that was dropped or buried in the dirt much later, around the time that Benjamin Harrison was President of the United States.

The little statue was discovered in 1889 in Nampa by a group of settlers looking for water, and the debate continues today over whether or not the "Nampa doll" is legit.

Drill workers found the little clay figurine in the dirt that was brought up from 300 feet below the surface one hundred thirty years ago. Onlyinyourstate.com said the clay doll has been called the "Nampa Image" or "Nampa Figurine," and only measures 48 mm tall.

Mystery History II on Youtube
Mystery History II on Youtube

It sort of looks like a human, with a head and appendages. There is disagreement over whether it's "the most important discovery in the Northwest to date," or whether it's much ado about nothing.

The Smithsonian's  Archaeology World examined the real vs. hoax idea and said, "There is one special detail of that figure, and it seems to wear European clothes. Also, the figure seems hanged, but this might be only the imagination."

There are several theories about where it came from, according to Archaeology-World.

-- Someone with “Savant autism” could have made the statue.  Those with the syndrome usually have limited skills but at least one special skill, and some of those who are “savant autistic” can make extremely perfect things by using mud.  The family may have buried the statue to hide the syndrome.

--  Strange creatures could have made the statue, including extraterrestrials and UFOs.  Or the Cro-Magnon man might have carved the stone that became the figurine.  They may not have been able to write, but they could make statues.

--  A slave might have brought it from Africa without permission and feared the consequences so they buried it.  Another theory holds that a slave might have used it to dig and ended up losing it in the dirt.  It ended up three hundred feet below the surface.

These theories would support the idea that the statue is not 2 million years old, and is more like 130 to 150 years old.  Still an artifact, but not an ancient one.

Mystery History II posted a video on Youtube that said the doll seems to symbolize the culture of a lost civilization.  There are geometric markings on the chest, which could symbolize clothing or jewelry, and it seems to be an artistic representation of an ancient human in a "high culture."

If you want to go view the Nampa Figurine for yourself, it's on display at the Idaho Historical Society.

Believe it, or not?

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