Such a beautiful tribute to our heroes.

Did you sleep peacefully last night? Thank a veteran. Did you go about your day the way you wanted without fear? Thank a veteran. Did you come home to kiss your family and have dinner after work? Thank a veteran.

What we get to experience in this country is rare. It's coveted. And it's bought a paid for by men and women who are willing to pay the ultimate price for you and for me to be free. We get to choose our own paths in life because of these brave men and women.

I don't know about you, but that hits me like a ton of bricks. To think that a stranger would be willing to lay down his or her life for me? There's no greater gift and I don't deserve one bit of it.

Which is why the attack in Afghanistan recently with 13 military members losing their lives is so heavy. Not to mention, they were all hovering around 20 years old. It's heartbreaking. And then to think of their families getting that call and that knock on the door...


I have loved the tributes across the country. Aside from flags flying at half staff. We have seen so many bars and restaurants reserve a table for our heroes and pour them a beer. To see tables with 13 mugs of beer, American flags and, in some cases, boots under the table is gut-wrenching and heartwarming all at the same time.

And it looks like Texas Roadhouse may be doing this on a larger level.

All across the Internet you'll find different displays like this within their restaurants. There have been tables set up in Washington, Wyoming, Tennessee, California, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, New Jersey, Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Nevada, Missouri, Alabama, Oklahoma, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, Utah and more. It's unclear if this is a company initiative or if the patriotic spirit of Texas Roadhouse is coming out.

Either way, it's a wonderful way to honor our brave men and women.

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