The Bench To Welcome New 5 Building Apartments Soon
Boise is going through a pretty amazing boom right now. With the growth comes the need for more places for new Idahoans to call home. A new apartment building is coming to a Treasure Valley neighborhood and it comes at a perfect time.
"The Grinder" Is Back In Boise
If you didn't get the chance to see the Fox TV show "The Grinder" before it got the cut last fall, then wow did you miss out. Based in Boise, it was stacked with so many great Hollywood Stars, Fred Savage aka Kevin Arnold, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and the Grinder himself Rob Lowe…
Nampa Will Spend How Much On Snow Removal this Winter?
With a price tag hovering close to $580,000, that would freak just about anyone out. That is what the city of Nampa projects it will cost for winter clean up this season, but let's be honest this is a necessary evil. And with more storms heading our way, the money is being put to use.
Beer + Yoga, Talk about a Perfect Match
Normally when you think about exercising, sweating out the bad and bringing in the good is the main focus. The idea of a zen experience doing yoga and drinking a cold beer at the same time is not usually the norm. Well get ready for it, a Treasure Valley Yoga Studio is opening the doors for Beer Yog…
Boise Is The Best..Makes Another Top Of List
Well, here we go again. The Treasure Valley has made another prestigious list. It just keeps getting better and better. Not only are we a "Welcoming City" as passed by the city council last week, Boise is getting even more national attention thanks to a new poll from US News &a…
You Could Be Seeing Delays At The Boise Airport
If you have been trying to get out of town for a quick trip to Seattle or Portland you may have noticed it's been a bit harder to actually get there. The weather has made your easy flight..massively delayed.

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