Boise is going through a pretty amazing boom right now. With the growth comes the need for more places for new Idahoans to call home. A new apartment building is coming to a Treasure Valley neighborhood and it comes at a perfect time. 

Credit: City of Boise
Credit: City of Boise

With all the Best Of Lists Boise and the state continue to top, more people are calling the City of Trees home. A new proposed 5 building, 91 apartment project slated to lay on nearly 7.5 acres will soon have new residence calling the Bench neighborhoods of Federal Way, Vista and Kootenai Street home. This state of the art complex will be a perfect addition to a thriving Boise Bench community. It has not been without a few hiccups, though. Last year the idea to start the building was brought in front of the Boise Zoning Commission which was meet by an appeal. The process though is moving forward. A stipulation to this new deal was that a section of the lot is constructed to give access to Kootenai Street which belonged to the Union Pacific Railroad company and making it an easier 4 way stop. Something that will let traffic flow, and bring in the residence. Coming soon to will be additional bike lanes and walkways that the Ada County Highway District are in favor of. This is going to be an awesome addition to the Bench communities, the more the merrier in my opinion. A start date for the building is still be worked out.

For the full article from The Idaho Statesman read more HERE.

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