If you have been trying to get out of town for a quick trip to Seattle or Portland you may have noticed it's been a bit harder to actually get there. The weather has made your easy flight..massively delayed.

The Boise Airport is pretty notorious for easy travel. The checking in and boarding has always been far superior in my experiences to bigger cities like Seattle or Portland. With the Pacific Northwest being hit was a nasty winter storm this week flights out of BOI on Alaska Airlines are seeing some significate travel delays. I called the Boise Airport this afternoon and spoke with a rep who told me that most flights leaving here traveling to those affected cities are seeing either canceled flights or even delays from 100 to 250 minutes behind schedule.

Credit: Alaska Airlines
Credit: Alaska Airlines

To find out more about any delays or cancellations on flights leaving Boise Airports website at iflyboise.com It was super easy to find out the information with the Alaska Airlines delays. Go to the departures button type in the airlines and boom you are good to go. Safe travels. - JD

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