Valentine's Day Gifts Are More Practical In Idaho
Since making the Treasure Valley home, I've appreciated how people here are much more down to earth and real. After living in places where everyone was trying to outdo their neighbors, coworkers, and friends, it's really nice to be in a place where it's less about being flashy and mor…
Help Me Avoid ANOTHER Anniversary Gift Fail
Time is a weird thing right now. Being mixed up in this worldwide pandemic has made days feel like weeks and weeks feel like years. At the same time, I just looked at the calendar and had a panic attack when I realized August is creeping up on me.
Most People Want This for Christmas
As gift-givers, we get the biggest high when we put a lot of thought into a gift that has special meaning and it makes the receiver laugh, cry, or jump up and down. But the best gift, apparently, requires no thought at all.

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