Today, we're diving into the delicious world of fudge, as we celebrate National Fudge Day in Boise, Idaho! And let me tell you, Boise knows how to do fudge right!

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We've got a number of amazing local candy shops and places to go for delicious fudge in the Boise area — and they're totally worth visiting and celebrating. Keep scrolling for a list of 8 places!

But first, we've got 2 interesting "facts" about fudge to share with you!

(1) Something that has always fascinated me about the word, "fudge," is that it's not only a delicious treat, but a very popular euphemism! It's a word that is often used to replace the "F" word," helping people avoid explicit or offensive language in various circumstances.

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(2) Why the heck is National Fudge Day in the middle of Summer?! Most people would say this treat is a Winter or popular holiday treat, yet, here we are celebrating fudge on June 16!

Anyway, this is all besides the point! You're here to find the best places for delicious fudge in the Boise area, and when it comes to this irresistible treat, you can't go wrong with a visit to the greatest candy shops in town. So, we've got some mouthwatering recommendations for you 👇

Have fun treating yourself to the melt-in-your-mouth goodness that only fudge can provide! Or, if it's too warm for you to be in the mood for fudge, celebrate with a fudge sundae!

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