There are amazing shops and restaurants all throughout the Treasure Valley, and among all of those places, are hidden gems for delicious, mouthwatering truffles and chocolate treats that will blow your mind. And you know what these places are perfect for...

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, and whether you want to go out with your mom for a delicious chocolate treat, or pick up a variety of treats for her as the perfect Mother's Day gift, there are some awesome places all throughout the Treasure Valley.

Premium ingredients, amazing flavor combinations, boutique truffles, caramels, espresso, ice cream, and melt-worthy deliciousness that is truly hard to avoid haha.

YUM. Keep scrolling for amazing chocolate shops in the Boise area for Mother's Day and more 👇

Some of these local shops have been serving delicious desserts and candies in the Treasure Valley for dozens of years, and it's only fair we share this goodness with the community — to people who maybe don't even know about their shops. There are a lot of newcomers, and even locals, who don't know about them.

Buying truffles might not be a daily or even weekly occurrence, but now is a great time for Mother's Day coming up! Save this information and come back to it the next time you need to get delicious truffles for you or somebody else.

Keep scrolling for amazing chocolate shops in the Boise area for Mother's Day and more 👇

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