Since making the Treasure Valley home, I've appreciated how people here are much more down to earth and real. After living in places where everyone was trying to outdo their neighbors, coworkers, and friends, it's really nice to be in a place where it's less about being flashy and more about being family.

As we approach Valentine's Day this year, there are research companies all over the country that try to find the most popular Valentine's Day gifts in each state. I think that each state's most popular gift in this study done by is an interesting reflection of that state. For example, in Nevada it's a couple's massage. In Connecticut, it's a yoga mat and in Louisiana, it's plus size lingerie. determined each state's most popular Valentine's Day gifts by internet searches. People are doing their shopping later than ever, so internet searches are often for gifts that can be turned around quickly. For those who have done a better job of planning, it was romantic getaways topping the search list.

The most popular Valentine's Day gift overall was chocolate. Pretty boring, and it doesn't show much creativity or thoughtfulness. Idaho's top gift reflected those things that I said that I really appreciate about the people of the Gem State. Real, down to earth, creative and thoughtful. The most searched Valentine's Day gift in Idaho was a love coupon. Not flashy, and you can make it at home, but it's the perfect gift because it can turn into anything.

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