My man is super nervous, super on edge and super suspicious today.

He thinks I may be rooting for the "wrong" team today which in our household would mean any team other than the one from Colorado.

For some reason he has become convinced that if I wander into the living room to sit and watch the game with him that his team will lose!  Okay, that did happen the ONE time I decided I wasn't going to clean house during the game and instead was going to be one of the guys and just hang out and watch the game. For the record I don't mock "his" team or channel my inner cheese-head powers to influence the outcome...all the time...I just hint that I might...

But, I will respect his wishes and avoid the living room altogether.  I am planning to dvr the puppy bowl.  Every time the commercials have been airing for the K9 game this week my dogs have all stop doing whatever licking, sniffing, scratching, wolfy thing they were doing and sit with their eyes riveted to the tv screen.  I figure that "must see" tv could come in handy when I need to distract them from freaking out during the upcoming July 4th bombing and zombie invasion.

This year (in our house) the Bronco's winning streak has also been attributed to the fact that I toss out a few pans of frozen/thawed/raised then baked Rhodes Rolls.    So, I will show my team spirit by getting that done.   Kevin and our youngest son Kody have their territories all staked out on the couch,  They will be wearing their raggedy old faded "lucky" Bronco sweatshirts and be giving me nervous glances each time I walk past the living room.   To keep them on their toes I will act like I'm going to step in and hang out...just to mess with them.

May the best team win and I hope the commercials aren't lame and the new Budweiser Clydesdale ad doesn't make me cry...

~ Brenda

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