Halloween has come, gone, and remains pretty far out for the upcoming "spooky season". Lovers of Halloween and all things haunted are all throughout the Treasure Valley, though, and what are they to do on this so-called "off season"? We have friends that leave their decorations up all year long--from skulls and spiders to witches and webbing.

A popular haunted destination is doing something special next month for lovers of all things spooky!

Which of these Treasure Valley places are the scariest to you? 

The 15 Most Haunted Places In The Treasure Valley

The Boise area is full of ghosts! These are the 15 places that you are most likely going to have a run-in with the paranormal.

Did Requiem Haunted House make your list? 

If you didn't already know this, the 13th of May actually lands on a Friday this year and yes--the superstitions are running wild. Why is Friday the 13th so scary, though? Has anything bad ever happened to you on that day? In Christian tradition, "Jesus" died on a Friday--after an evening with 13 individuals.

Regardless of what you believe in, Friday the 13th is coming up and here are the spooky event details that you or a friend may be looking for.

Requiem Haunted House, located in downtown Caldwell, is opening their doors during the "off-season"--just for Friday the 13th!  According to their Facebook Event Page, a night of scares is in order and you're invited.

Tickets are available in advance, HERE.

Check out the event page, invite your friends, and learn more, HERE.

Hopefully, this freaky Friday the 13th "Celebration" will hold you over until we're officially in Spooky Season!



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