Insurify, a car insurance comparison platform, recently used their database of nearly 3 million car insurance applications to identify the states in America with the most speeding tickets.

These analysts took the number of drivers with speeding violations and compared them to the total number of drivers in each state, to determine the percentage of speedy drivers against the whole.

Basically, which states have citizens going waaaaay faster than the speed limit, and then getting caught red-handed by police officers?


So, how does Idaho compare?

Well, you can imagine how hard we laughed when we realized that Idaho was ranked among the top 10 states with the most speeding tickets.

Is this hilarious or sad?

We can’t help but wonder: are we speeding more than these other states, or are we just not as good at getting away with it?


The state-level average for drivers with speeding tickets across the United States is currently 10.54 percent. 

Let’s see how the “Top 10 States With the Most Speeding Tickets” in 2021 compare:

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