Idaho is currently the fastest growing state in America – but that isn’t new information to the people who have lived here for longer than a few years.

Even just since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been watching the Treasure Valley grow and expand at a remarkable pace. 

This is reflected in a number of ways, including the housing market, the rising cost of living and the amount of new businesses and construction sites that are constantly popping up. 


However, Idaho also recently made another top 10 list… and given the current circumstances, this is even more troublesome and disheartening than ever before. 

The World Population Review recently analyzed all of the states, and ranked them from the richest to poorest

This is determined by looking at each of the states’ poverty rates, median household incomes and their costs of living. 

This also analyzes each state further by looking at their education levels and life expectancies, to examine why some states are worse off than others. 


Considering how unaffordable Idaho is already becoming, seeing where we landed on the list is even more disheartening to see. 

Not only is the price of living rising, but it’s clear that we’re not making enough money to keep up with the inflation.

Listed below are the Top 10 Poorest States in 2022:

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